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Saturday, 6-Aug-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Only a phonecall away...

So Michael and I have been keeping in contact RELIGIOUSLY everyday since he's been gone.. I miss him terribly, but I get to hear his sweet voice everyday and everynight, and at times, yaknow, that's really all I need. Just knowing that he's out there doin' his thing, but still keeps thoughts of me, is all that really matters to me.. that our vibe is so strong that distance can't hold it down... Call it a fool's hope. But I'll be a fool for him. Anyday. Here's hopin'.

Tuesday, 2-Aug-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Movin' Days 1 and 2 (Movin' Back to Momma's)

Gettin' boxes ready for some packin'..
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Saturday, 30-Jul-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Jamie's OFFICIAL Last Day. Kickin' it at Kevin's One Last Time.

Jamie, GG and me.
Claudio, me and GG
Me, some katt named Eric (I think) and Jamie.
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Monday, 25-Jul-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The Last Moments

Chillen in Flushing...
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Michael and I hit it off the night before, right? But really, with a lil' liquor in the tank, who doesn't get along? . jk. So when he called me the next morning to chill - I had to see what was really good. We planned on chillen in Manhattan for the afternoon, but he insisted on picking me up... IN QUEENS. FLUSHING, Queens. Daym, I gotta say that was attractive. They don't make men like that anymore. (Baby, we gotta get your Momma to do like a nationwide course and educate all the young men in the world on how to be a gentleman, fareal. Your Momma raised you right. Much respect.) So with the bomb scare, and the LIRR not working, I didn't know if it was gonna happen like that, but look at him, makin' the effort, and finding his way to Flushing. ::koolaid smile:: (impressed) We had a quick bite, talked about ourselves/our lives a bit, and by then the LIRR trains were on point again (figures, right?) we chilled at the station and took the train back to Manhattan. I gotta say we had a romantic time, not for nuthin'... A stroll thru Central Park, Poets Walk, the fountain.. It was nice. My first time exploring the softer side on the city.. and I'm glad it was with him. It was starting to get late and everybody's callin' us about dinner plans, so we headed back to his hotel to met up with the boys and so he could get changed. Met Mike (Michael's sister's man) and Jay again, ditched dinner plans with GG and went out to Jekyl and Hyde's for some grub. Funny shyt. Had dinner and laughs, and I called Sasha to meet us up for some drinkin', cuz these people just HAD to meet eachother. I would not let them leave NYC till they met my best friend, and her these ill ass guys. So back to Kevin St. James for some last night partying. What a friggen crazy ass time. It was nuts. We did our thing, with all the pictures to prove it, and called it a night. Got to spend my last moments with Michael before heading to work the next morning - the perfect way to end the perfect weekend. And that was that. ::sigh:: You guys better miss us, cuz we miss you.

Sunday, 24-Jul-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Girls Nite Out

Jamie, GG, Leann, Molly.
Jamie, GG, Molly, Leann.
Jamie, GG, me, Leann, Molly.
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Jamie's "Last Day" with us at Charley O's... So we did it up right at Kevin St. James (where else..??) I gotta say.. we had an ill time. Started off at a table on the main floor having a grand time (Mark and Chris hookin' us up with shots -- thank you fellas.) And this chick, "Birthday Chick' I dunno, I never caught her name, rolled up and asked us if we were lesbians. Weird intro, wasn't sure where that was going, but she invited us upstairs cuz it was her birthday and she wanted us to even the odds, being that she was in the midst of a sausage party up there. (Guess her girl friends weren't havin' it) With good reason. Wack. Three out of the twenty-odd dudes up there were good looking, the rest - - well, I imagine they got her thru science/math class somewhere in her academic career, she promised to never forget them, and threw them an invite to keep her word. I dunno.. And the bartender didn't help much. I love Kev's, but this was by far the worst bartender I'd ever have the displeasure of doing business with. How do you fuck up a Tanqueray n' Tonic, dude? There's not a lot of chemistry involved. Two ingredients. What's the problem?? AND he had the audacity to have an attitude about it. "I mix good." Riiiiiight. So yeah we bailed and went out for a cigarette break. And that's when we met the fellas from Cali.. Homeless woman (I think it was a woman, I could be wrong) rolled up on us, and Jay swooped in and came to the "rescue". Pretty smooth.. . Introduced the "brown man" and that was prety much all it took. We all basically hit it off from there. Mingled, got to know eachother a bit, took shots, exchanged numbers and did breakfast. Real cool bunch of fellas, not for nuthin'. Really made my night. I'll never forget it.


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